Follow Your Soul. It knows the way.

The Business Accelerator Academy…

Where business strategy, mindset, spirituality, and empowerment blend together to create true abundance.

In this six month Group Program, you’ll overcome your fear and smash the blocks that have been holding you back. And with the foundational mindset and business tools, strategies, and systems that you’ll need in place to build your online empire, you’ll gain the confidence that you absolutely have what it takes to transform your side hustle into a thriving online business. Earn what you’re worth and design a life you love!

Inside this safe container of 25 like-minded fempreneurs, you can be yourself. Don’t hold back, ask questions. And share your work for positive, constructive feedback.

With elegance and ease, you’ll transform into the female entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of becoming. By tapping into your superpowers and learning how to share your gifts with the world, you’ll be ready to launch your business and get paid for being your amazing, awesome self.

With pure clarity and massive momentum, we’ll combine the law of attraction with the law of action, creating your epically aligned life and business. And after this six month journey together, you’ll have what it takes to become the woman who really can be, do and have it all.


Are an ambitious woman who is ready to take the leap from fear into confidence and create a career that you can be passionate about.  

Know you are meant for more and are ready to create outrageous success.  

Desire the time and financial freedom to be, do and have it all in life.  

Are ready to uplevel and create the success you deserve.  

Love to be creative and want to get paid just for being yourself.  

Are prepared and excited to invest in yourself and your business.  

Understand that there is no shortcut to success. And that to build a sustainable business takes a combination of time, faith and massive action.  

Are open-minded to possibilities and coachable to learn a modern way of doing business.

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Hear what members are saying…

Cindy Hipsher-Blain, Charleston, SC

“The Business Accelerator Academy is what every fempreneur needs. Sarah Rose is so awesome and patient with us. She is truly a blessing. You will gain a ton of knowledge from this experience!

-“Sarah, your team and clients have a great leader and mentor, someone who is a truly wonderful person who radiates confidence and will help them get to wherever they want to go.

-Adele de Caso