Sophie and I exploring the ruins of Linlithgow Castle, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots just outside of Edinburgh

You’ve sworn that this will be a very different year than last. But time is flying by and perhaps anxiety has begun to set in. You meant to lose the rest of that weight, start that new business, get out of debt, have more fun and say YES more to life, but you just didn’t know where to start.

It’s okay, because that’s where I come in, as your guide. Having worked for the last FOUR YEARS with ambitious women like you, I can assure you that you’re in safe hands with someone who is walking the walk so she can talk the talk. I can help you get wherever it is you want to go. HOWEVER. YOU have to be willing to execute and take action on what I’m going to teach you.

This is my story, and perhaps you’ll identify with some of my darkest moments. Perhaps not, but the point is that we all have to start somewhere, and if I can do it, so can you.

Four years ago, we hit a financial crisis and I had to go back to work from being a stay at home mom. But a traditional 9-5 was never going to make a dent in our financial situation, and everything I made would go to childcare anyway. Sound familiar? Plus,I didn’t want someone else raising my daughter, so flexibility was key.

When it became difficult to choose between buying groceries or making a late payment on a credit card, my world seemed to cave in. As I continued to study my limited options, I got real sick and tired of sitting back and continuing to watch a family friend who was crushing her business, living life on her own terms, traveling the world first class, riding camels in Morocco, going on safari in South Africa, buying a second home in the South of France, all while remodeling an old farmhouse in the Welsh countryside. I realized the incredible opportunity she’d once approached me with would allow me that same kind of flexibility and freedom with an uncapped income that would help us get our lives and our finances back on track, and I reached out to find out how to get started.

Desert Safari with my Mom and Sophie in Dubai

And am I grateful every day that I did!

I built a successful business with it, earning a Mercedes, and trips around the world to Dubai, London, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Stockholm.

But after three years of racing from appointment to appointment, only to be tied to my phone during the minutes before, between, and after, I had no life outside of my business. I couldn’t switch off, and I burned out. Badly.

While giving up was never an option, I knew something had to change. What had gotten me here wasn’t necessarily going to get me to the next level.

I started seeing other ambitious women absolutely crushing it in the online space, working flexibly from home or anywhere in the world on their own time, on their own terms. So I went looking for the mentors and guidance I needed, and it’s true that when the student is ready the teacher appears.

I have never been afraid to invest in my mind and in business tools, and even when I didn’t have the money, I figured out how get it. I sold jewelry and other things around my house and spent the money on online courses and attending offline trainings around the world, hired two coaches. I spent countless hours of studying and reading, sweating the small stuff, and yes fighting back some tears while applying all that I was learning through trial and error to learn what worked and what didn’t.

What this means for you is that you get to save both money and time, because I’ve laid all the ground work for you, and I know the strategies that work when it comes to building a business in the online space.

In addition to having a successful background in the network marketing industry, I’m also a marketing, branding and social media coach. I’ve written a book called Getting to the Top as well as several eBooks. And I’m so fortunate to have traveled the world, which is my reason why, to show my daughter Sophie everything that is possible in this life.

I work my own hours, when I want and where I want, building a life for my family of financial freedom, living on our own terms.

Sophie and I at reaching the top of our hike in Sussex, England

Hello leverage!

But most people struggle to get these sorts of results.

Why? Because they don’t invest in themselves so they have no growth strategy. Where there is no growth, there is no progress so they become stuck.

This is when people give up on their dreams! You are not most people!

You came to my site today to learn how to start your own online business so that you can work flexibly around your other commitments. Because you know there is more to life than your current reality is telling you. You’re ready to take that next step and make the shift from doubt and fear into transforming your life with confidence!

Somewhere in the Mediterranean

You have been brought here for a reason, and I can solve those challenges for you right now with what I have put together for you! If you’re ready to create that freedom and design that life you’ve always dreamed of, then I’d like to invite you to be one the five people I work closely with this month to help create this. I’m opening up space to work with only 5 ambitious go getters who are ready to massively up level their life and earn what they’re worth.

As you can see, I can help you to achieve world travel, driving the car of your dreams, a flexible schedule to allow you to enjoy your life again and take control of your financial future.

But it takes more than just navigating my website. I want to dive in deeper with you because WARNING! This is not advisable to do DIY or think that you can do it solo. I tried that technique and it bombed.

The next step is to follow the lead of someone who’s already done it. Someone who has a proven plan that has worked for them and hundreds of others, and will guarantee to work for you too.

I give our members 100% support and dedication so we are limited to who we can take on. I only have space to work with 5 more people this month. Once spaces go, they are gone!

Calls are limited, so hurry!