Business by Divine

by Sarah Rose

Welcome beautiful soul, I am so excited to have you here today on my blog, Business by Divine! I’m Sarah Rose and I’m on a mission to empower as many ambitious women around the world as possible to earn what they’re worth and design a life they love. If you’re here reading this today, you’re in the right place if you are looking to start or scale a business and start living that dream life! That’s where I come in, as your guide to teach you how to do just that through all things strategy and soul!

This week’s theme is the Law of Compensation, the sixth of twelve Universal Laws. The Law of Compensation basically says that whatever you put out to the world, how you show up, what you give, is what you get back. Understanding this law will save you light years when you apply it to your business, for when you give more value and take yourself out of the equation, magic will happen.

What I mean by taking yourself out of the equation is that in the beginning when I was starting out in business, I was desperate to make that first sale, sign that first team member, earn that first check. It wasn’t about my prospects, customers or team, it was all about me and my needs. I was spamming people in messenger, posting on my wall all about my company and products and for people to join my team. I thought that was what I was supposed to do, be the hunter instead of the hunted. Slay, hustle, repeat, right? Because that’s what we see and hear all over social media that that’s the only way to become successful and to get ahead.

Except I burned out on that strategy. I wasn’t having fun, I wasn’t making money, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I didn’t want to hustle or slay or run from appointment to appointment anymore, just to have my contact not show up or have to go home and think about it or ask her husband for permission, and then never hear from her again.

Quitting wasn’t an option though. It was clear that I needed to find a different strategy that worked. So I became a serious student of those who are getting the results I wanted, and sought out mentors, invested in courses and books that would help me get from where I was to the next level and beyond. And the number one take away from my studies this year is to add more value. Give more than you think you should.

Show up consistently in business, giving tips and sharing strategies that work, shine your light on the world and give someone hope. Touch just one life, even if you’re not being compensated monetarily in the moment, and ultimately you will be compensated beyond measure. One day as if by magic, everything will click. People will come into your life and doors will open that you never imagined possible, and you’ll wonder where all the money was during your lean years.

What is your energy like when it comes to starting or building your business, to making money? The Law of Compensation says if you think it’s hard to make money and hard to hold on to it, that will become your reality, you’ll have a hard time making and holding on to money. If you’re filled with fear of failure or fear of success, that fear will take such hold on you that you’ll be blocked from taking the appropriate actions you need to move forward and swiftly.

Your energy is your vibration, so when you switch it from the negative, the fearful, the anxious, the depressed, the angry, the resentful, to the positive, gratitude, looking forward, joyous, loving what you do, excited for all that you are creating and all that is to come, focusing on what is good instead of what is bad, you open yourself to the receiving mode, instead of the repelling mode. Or the inactive mode where everything carries on as it is with no change in sight.

What we attract is more of the same. So if you want to attract prosperity and abundance into your life, change your energy, raise your vibration to meet the goal or the dream you hold so dear. Then let that goal or dream go for just a little while, quit living in the “what if” it happens, or “what if” it doesn’t happen, and get into the present moment, for right now is all we have. Be present in your work, enjoy your creativity and all that you are giving, the way you are showing up, be your work, live your work, keep creating for the joy of creating, not because it’s going to take you closer to your goal. Your goal will be attracted to you because of what you put out there to the world and how you’re shining your light.

If you’re in a place of perpetual negativity and can’t find a way to raise your vibration, here are some helpful ways to help you move into a more positive energy and get out of your own head.

Remove negative people from your life. Sometimes easier said than done, especially if it’s a spouse or a family member. If you can’t remove the person, you can remove yourself and spend limited time around them.

Take a yoga class.

Listen to a guided mediation, I love Abraham Hicks for this.

Sage your house to remove negativity, then burn Palo Santo to call in positive vibes.

Light candles and incense, or diffuse essential oils.

Put on music that makes you happy or calm.

Read a book.

Have a conversation with a positive, like-minded friend.

Treat yourself to a cup of coffee or lunch out.

Take a walk in nature.

Listen to a podcast.

And never, ever take your negative situation and the energy around it as a sign that you are on the wrong path. Never ever let someone shake your confidence or tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Hold on to your belief in you because some days it’s all you have. Build that belief up so strong that it’s unshakeable, because you’re not in it to give it a go. You’re in it to win it, you are on the right path and your success is inevitable.

The Law of Compensation isn’t about money in the short term. It’s about the long game, showing up each and every day in your business and in your life knowing that the universe has your back and that things are always working out for you.

If today’s post resonated with you, please reach out to me, I’d love to know your top take away and how you’re going to apply it to your life or business. And I’m so excited, because I’ve opened up space to work with five ambitious women in October, and I’d love for one of them to be you! Reach out ASAP because these spots are going to go fast!

I can’t wait to hear from you and help you on your way to earning what you’re worth and designing a life you love!

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