How Seeking Understanding Can Drastically Change The Numbers In Your Bank Account

by Sarah Rose

Hey gorgeous friends, I am so excited about this week’s blog post as we dive deep into the 7 core principals for getting to the top in any business. You can download my free ebook here http:// and make sure to read through today’s article to learn about my absolute favorite core principal (it’s actually my obsession): personal growth and development.

How would you love to transform your life and the numbers in your bank account while impacting the lives of others? As a business owner, the fastest way to do this (and the only shortcut I’ve been able to find) is by becoming a fanatical serious student, starting with a daily personal growth program for yourself that you will continue on with forever. Some say books, conferences, and courses are overpriced, but that way of thinking is setting up for failure from the start: we’ve got to have a money mindset and wealth consciousness if we ever want to get to the top.

Even during the darkest days of the financial crisis we found ourselves in a few short years ago, I still found a way to be resourceful and create a personal growth strategy: library cards are free, you can find just about any books you want on any subject; others can be found on Amazon often for a penny plus shipping. There are so many great online courses that are free, although some can be a huge waste of time as well, so only listen to those who can talk the talk because they’ve walked the walk. I made sure to work hard and earn all-expenses paid trips with my company so I could travel to our global conferences around the world and learn from and network with top income earners; and I will continue to do so every year. Never miss an opportunity to learn from the best.

Be willing to pay for information. Don’t think that because you’ve made an initial investment to get your business started that that’s where your investment ends. In the beginning, I invested 100% of my earnings back into my business; and I still invest back into it every single month with pleasure. I intend to do so forever by continually enrolling in courses, growing my personal library, and using online tools (you can visit my resource guide on Always be a serious student and don’t stop studying because you’ve reached a certain level. Continue to study and read and improve every chance you get. The more you know about getting to the top, the better your chances are of getting there. If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.

There is so much to learn about growing a successful business, and the best way to do so is from other peoples’ successes as well as their failures. Turn your car into a rolling classroom and get your MBA at You Tube University: listen to podcasts and videos that will give you a clear understanding of the strategies you need to learn (and of course implement!) on your climb to the top. The more you work on your skills, the faster you will get to the summit. Then immediately take massive action on what you’re learning to improve your presentation and communication skills: increase your vocabulary; get over disappointments fast; prospect and network daily: work on your closing skills; your sense of humor, your drive, determination and focus.

Get a mentor. Find someone who has gotten or is getting the results you desire, and do what they do in your own creative way. This person could be someone in your company or industry, they could be someone you know, or who you are watching from afar. Do whatever it takes to go and meet them if at all possible and soak up all the knowledge that you can. It’s true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and along my journey, I’ve been so fortunate to find some amazing mentors whose teachings have really resonated with me and have helped me achieve goals that would otherwise never have been possible. You can have many mentors at the same time time, and because what got you here might not always get you there, you may go through many mentors over the course of your career to find more and different answers that you seek as you continue to level up.

You are on the right path, and your success is inevitable when you carve out a portion of your day for learning. But we must also execute, for the only way to get better is by testing the strategies to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes the smallest tweak can make all the difference.

The point is to have fun and to find fulfillment with your personal growth and development journey. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who are also into studying, for as Jim Rohn once said, the books you read and the people you surround yourself with are who you will become. Clean out your friends lists and the people you’re following: you can choose your own algorithm so that whenever you go on social media, you’re being empowered, entertained, or educated. I love my feed and my groups, being surrounded by uplifting people who are all going for greatness and championing others to do the same! There is no room for negativity in my life, and I choose not to dwell on trivial subjects or get involved in conversations online or offline with those who do. Time is precious, it is so short, invest it in your own growth.

Your example encourages others to grow and share, and by impacting just one life, we can create a ripple effect and make such a difference in the world. We rise by lifting others, and when we help others achieve what they want, we get everything we want, so the more value you contribute to the world from sharing all that you’re learning, the more out of life you’ll get back in return.

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