Building More Belief in Yourself and Your Business by Using This Powerful Strategy

by Sarah Rose

I’m Sarah Rose, and I coach women how to start their own businesses working online on their own terms. Over the next 7 weeks, we are going to be breaking down my eBook 7 Core Principals for Getting to the Top in Your Network Marketing Business, and going deep on how mastering these principals can help you create a thriving business, allowing you to live a life you love. Download it now so we can start writing your next chapter for success.

You can catch the replay on this topic here: and/or read on to learn about a powerful strategy to give you the belief in yourself and the confidence to take that next step to invest in that business and know without a shadow of a doubt that your success is inevitable because you have a plan in place that will not let you fail. So let’s jump right in, shall we? This information has been a game changer for my business the last few months and will help you take the correct steps for getting started on your journey without throwing spaghetti at the wall the way I did the first couple of years in my business.

It’s called niching down your market to define your target audience. And this strategy works not just in my industry, but for any business that requires marketing. You probably have heard about niching already, but you may not have fully understood the importance of going deeper and applying this right now before you go any further. You will start to see results very quickly like I did.

If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one because your message will be diluted. Instead, by creating your perfect avatar, your target market/audience you will be attracting quality leads, customers, business partners and referrals to you – because they are just like you. It makes writing your content (your posts/lives/stories) so much easier and in a way that’s authentic for your people to follow and understand.

Your avatar, quite simply is who you are right now if you haven’t yet taken that first step to starting a business; or if you have, it’s the person you were the day you said enough is enough and made that decision to move forward as an entrepreneur. For example, my avatar is a mom who works in corporate America and hates her job and is desperate to find a way to work from home around the kid’s schedule. Or she’s a stay at home mom who is looking for something all her own. Her own money, money to contribute to the household. A back up plan in case her husband loses his job (I know how that feels and how stupid and painful it was that we didn’t have a back up plan and spent years playing catch up). She is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She knows there is a better way and she is determined to find it. When she does, she is all in, focused to learn and execute, learn and execute. She’s not afraid to invest in the books, the courses, the events that will take her that much further that much faster. She’s hungry for knowledge and starving for success because she has something to prove to someone – herself. And to show her children what is possible: the world. She won’t back down, won’t make excuses, won’t use the word “try.” She carries on no matter what life throws at her, in spite of and until. Her word is her truth and she shows up even on the days she doesn’t feel like it. She gets the job done because she doesn’t have the luxury of not.

I know her dreams, I know her fears, I know where she hangs out and who she hangs out with What her passions are. I know her because she is the old me. I know what she needs to hear and the message that needs to be conveyed, because I was her, and it’s my obligation to share my journey with her so that she knows if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for her, too. So that she will know there is another, better way. That there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. That it’s okay to build something for herself, to not have to ask for permission anymore, to grow into her greatness and shine bright like the diamond she has always been. And succeed beyond her wildest dreams.

For that reason, all my content is designed to add value to her journey, and therefore everything I post is for her. And you will do the same for your avatar.

What’s happened since I really honed in on this strategy is that in the last two months, I’ve had a mom of six join our team. She’s quit her full time job to go all in with our opportunity, working her business from home so she can spend more time with her kids. She is self-motivated, driven, and rocking her business with no excuses. She is resourceful and seeks out the information she needs to grow her online empire. That is a QUALITY team member who will not be wasting my time; she is already making sales, booking online and offline events, and building her team as she works towards her first big promotion. Another stay at home mom of two has joined our team to work her business from home around their schedule, contribute to the family income and pay for private school for each of the boys. She is also determined and self-motivated to create success, seeks out the strategies and applies them at once. She is coachable and is already seeing results as she too is working towards her first big promotion. Another dynamic woman has just joined our team, an influencer who is 25 and already rocking her online service based business. She wants to have a big family one day and be able to stay home with them, and she is so smart because she is laying the foundation now to be able to do so. And the list goes on: I’ve had two invitations to be a guest speaker on podcasts; and am in conversations about having a feature in a magazine. People every day are reaching out from all over the world to ask more about our products and business opportunity.

My point is, this strategy works. So don’t be afraid of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on someone who is not in your target market. They may come into your life too, so always keep your door open, but you will find so many more opportunities will appear when you show up for your people consistently. You’ll create a community and tribe of like-minded people reaching out to learn how to work with you, your services or products. This strategy does take work and time, however. You may not have messages flooding your inbox in the beginning on day one, but you will certainly have more engagement as you are building your following, and the results will come. You’ve got to decide to decide to get going, writing out your niche and sharing your journey with them. Having a powerful strategy like this will create belief in yourself and that you are on the right path, and will grow confidence in yourself and your business.

If you want to learn my deeper niching strategies, reach out to me, and make sure you download my free ebook 7 Core Principals for Getting to the Top in Network Marketing so you can dig deep with me over the coming weeks to get you on your journey to time and financial freedom. Comment below if this strategy makes sense, what is your top take away, and if you’re ready to take the next step in your success story because you know you can do this!

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