Finally, How to Make a Decision Without Ever Looking Back

by Sarah Rose

If you haven’t downloaded my ebook 7 Core Principals for Getting to the Top in Network Marketing, you can get it here for free: You’ll want to do so ASAP because over the next 7 weeks, we are going to be delving deep into these core principals and why they are important to you in whatever aspect of life you are looking to up-level. You can watch the video here or read on to learn how to finally make a decision without ever looking back, and that starts with belief. Belief in yourself. That you are worthy. That you are worth it. Belief in yourself that you are resourceful. Belief that if something is doable for one, it is doable for all, for truly why not you have it all? Belief that you can have it all if you’re willing to take a risk and do whatever it takes. Whether that’s embarking on a weight loss or fitness journey; leaving that job or relationship; or getting your side hustle going to have a back up plan for your family’s financial future.

You see, the thing that holds 90% of us back is fear of failure. What if I fail? Well my darling, let me ask you this: what if you fly?

What if every time you felt or thought about worry, stress, anxiety, fear, or doubt, you changed those emotions to belief, faith, fly, soar, succeed? Could you then reframe or overcome just about any situation? The great Joseph Campbell once wrote that the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. Whatever we fear, we must conquer, for all good things are just on the other side of breaking through our comfort zones. I hated doing live videos, my heart would pound before I smashed that button, I hated how I looked and sounded, I wondered if my message even made sense or came across as garbled and a waste of someone’s time if anyone was even out there paying attention. That was only a few weeks ago, and an acquaintance messaged me to thank me for showing up consistently with positive messages in a world full of darkness and bad news. She said that my videos were what kept her going some days. And because of that message, I decided to keep showing up. That maybe my optimism and positivity could help someone believe in themselves and make a change, to become a force for good because they were empowered to take action on their dreams. And no matter how much I feared coming off as a failure, I decided to face the fear and do it anyway. And now with time, practice, and going easier on myself, I actually have fun with it, I enjoy it, and although it’s nowhere near perfect yet, I realize I have to suck in order to get good. And we all have to be good to be great. Just keep doing you and believe in the power of self. You have everything you need to succeed, believe that and you are well on your way.

And if you don’t know how to do the thing you want to do or how to take action on that seed of a dream inside your heart, believe that everything is figureoutable. In this gorgeous era of the internet, we have access to countless tools, trainings, systems and mentors who have walked the path before us and gotten the results we desire. Seek a mentor out, and you will cut your fear in half and 10x your results fast and have fun doing it. You must take time to learn, and also to execute. Act at once on the information you have acquired, and by taking one step in front of the other, you will draw closer and closer to the mountaintop.

It’s not always easy to find belief in yourself. However, I didn’t have the luxury of questioning myself or my path. I was guided to it a few years ago when we hit an unexpected financial crisis and I had to go back to work after many years of being a stay at home mom. A traditional 9 to 5 wasn’t going to make a dent in our situation, and I didn’t have an impressive resume anyway. I didn’t have the resources to start a bricks and mortar business. And I refused to give up my time freedom and flexibility of raising my daughter and being there for all the little moments. I wasn’t prepared to miss out on that. I came to the conclusion that network marketing was the only way forward for me, especially having watched my mom earn millions in the industry. Thankfully, I had belief already in the business model. I’d used the products from the company she was with, and was able to avoid a major surgery as a result, so I had belief in the power of the products. I was watching family friends earning six and seven figures a year with the company, traveling the world first class, living life on their own terms. So I had faith in the business. Again, what’s doable for one is doable for all. The only thing I needed was belief in was me. But taking the time to dwell on my own fears of failure felt selfish to me, I needed to put that energy and those emotions into building my business so I could help get our family back on track, get our lives back, and actually get ahead, living the life we had always dreamed of. And although I’ve still a ways to go to get to the top of that mountain, I’m stopping to celebrate every win along the way, no matter how big or small.

Today I encourage you to take a leap of faith. Have that conversation; choose a smoothie over a sandwich; drop on the floor and give me twenty; start that business; buy that book; take that course; do that live video; reach out to that mentor. Do the thing that needs to be done because you believe in taking that first giant leap forward. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it will be worth it. If you want to know more about my story and how I overcame fear, found belief in myself and how you can do the same, reach out to me in the comments below; or email me at; or on Facebook

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